Unlock your engine’s potential with our software optimization and enjoy a significant increase in horsepower and torque performance. 

Available for Diesel and gasoline engines, forced induction and naturally aspirated.

Experience a whole new car!

Our optimization will positively alter your car’s characteristic in respect of responsiveness and elasticity while even improving your engine’s economy.

We offer you various power stages as well as special tunes designed for better fuel economy for most of today’s automobiles.

We exclusively utilize our proven and long-term tested software.

How it works

Simply arrange an appointment with one of our numerous TurboPerformance partners and leave your car to qualified personnel’s hands. A test drive before and after the modification will ensure you will receive your car back with an impeccable tune.

The process of software tuning includes scrutineering of your vehicle as well as a test drive before and after the optimization and takes between 1 to 4 hours.

Our services

  • SoftwareTuning for combustion engines in passenger cars, HGVs, agricultural machines, motorcycles and many more utilizing state-of-the-art equipment
  • Removal or modification of speed limiters upon request
  • Modification of gearbox control programs (DSG, DKG, PDF and EGS)
  • Mapping of hardware-modifications, such as aftermarket turbochargers, sports catalytic converters and many more
  • Safe SoftwareTuning with our optional guarantees
  • It is possible to customize our mapping optimized for economy or power gain throughout various stages
  • NO RISK! – 30 day money-back-guarantee should you not be satisfied
  • Repair of ECUs, TV-unlocks, electronic lowering and much more
  • We offer solutions for virtually every car related electronical challenge 

TurboPerformance’s optimization will improve your fuel economy

An optimized engine will provide torque sooner and more powerfully.

Thus, at your usual manner of driving, combined with the engine’s improved efficiency, you may attain a considerably lower fuel consumption. This applies to Diesel and gasoline engines, with and without forced induction.

Yet another reason to choose our software optimization.